The Elite Industry Advantage


Elite is one of the leaders in the automobile metal stamping industry, providing custom parts for some of the world’s top auto makers.  Learn more about automotive products we’ve helped engineer and manufacture by contacting our sales department.




As part of our efforts to protect the environment, we’re providing support for those working toward alternative energy solutions. Our engineers have helped design and produce custom parts for both the solar and wind energy industries.




We provide companies within the medical industry with products manufactured to the very highest standards. To comply with the high expectations of the medical stamping/casting/machining industry, we use automatic gauging to inspect every single part and test all products to the industry’s highest quality standards.




A manufacturer in the commercial metal stamping industry must have high production capabilities in order to succeed . At Elite Manufacturing, we have the equipment and personnel necessary to quickly produce a large number of components for commercial markets such as food, HVAC and appliance.




Our high capacity presses allow us to work with the high strength steels these industries require thus, we’ve been able to meet the demanding needs of industrial markets like trucking, mining and rail thanks to our heavy duty manufacturing capabilities..



The military often has very specialized manufacturing needs. Whether it’s the exotic metal needed for aerospace programs or the precision stamping/casting/machining needed for offensive weapons, we’ve been able to consistently meet and exceed the military’s expectations.

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