The EMI Coatings Division

 EMI's Finishing and Secondary Operation is a standout strength in our operations. We are one of the few precision parts producers that also offers the final step to a stamping: product finishing.


 Whether you require strength, appearance, or corrosion resistance, EMIhas a finish to meet your need. Our finishes meet many automotive, appliance, and government specifications.


Key process parameters are measured by our computerized plating line. Our pollution control systems meet federal, state, and local environmental requirements. Master's state-of-the-art austempering heat treat line provides all the benefits of heat treating without the disadvantages often associated with conventional processes, such as distortion. Conveyors and magnetic loaders are designed to protect parts during handling. All the important process parameters -- time, temperature, atmosphere, and weight -- are controlled by the system. meet federal, state, and local environmental requirements.

Elite Coating/Finishing Capabilities


- Zinc Electroplating

- Phosphating

- Dip Spin Painting

- Powder Coating

- E Coating

- Dacrotizing


Proprietary Elite Finishes


- High Visibility Coatings

- Anti-Organic UVPCO

- Liquid Glass SiO2